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British International School in New York meets Dogodogo

I was given a warm welcome by Year 6 at the British International School in New York, and their class teacher, Ms Elizabeth Bowie, on November 23rd. The students read the stories of the Dogodogo boys, watched a DVD about the centre, and asked some searching questions about what life is really like for their contemporaries in Africa who are denied even the most basic children’s rights.

Worlds apart? Not any more! Year 6 students at the British International School, New York, reached out to the Dogodogo boys after reading their stories. (Photo by Ms Bowie.)

The children came up with some creative ways to help raise the profile of street children everywhere, promote the book and support the work of the centre. One of them suggested writing a letter to President Obama, enclosing a copy of Dogodogo for his two daughters. 

The positive (and practical) response to the book from BISNY students and their teacher, filled me with hope.

“I hope I can change the world like you have done with the Dogodogo boys.” Piers

 “This book was really inspiring and it made me want to help the Dogodogo boys even more.” Arielle

 “I would fly to Africa just to see you because I would like to see how the boys lives are.” Jacob

 “To me, Dogodogo is another word for hope.” Luccas

 “I really liked the book. It’s a very good book. I hope the Dogodogo boys have a good life.” Faisal

 “All of you have inspired me to do more things to help and I am thinking of ways to spread the word about you and your life stories.” Sophie

 “I hope that I not only can help Dogodogo children but also the whole world.” Sam

 “It was great to read and learn about such inspiring lives. You are all so brave and I hope more people in the world can understand about what obstacles so many children in the world are faced with and help you overcome them.” Ms Bowie

 Perhaps a brighter future lies in store for the Dogodogo boys – and for other street children – after all.


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More pictures from the London launch of Emusoi

Naha gives necklace to Minister

Naha presents a traditional Maasai bead necklace to DfID Minister of State, Gareth Thomas, while Esupat looks on.

Naha, Esupat, strawberries

Naha and Esupat tried many new kinds of food, including strawberries, during their visit to London. But they still prefer their traditional diet of beef and milk.

Esupat, Mell, Naha

Comic actor Mell Giedroyc was among the guests at the book launch.

Danny, Liz F, Lainy

More distinguished guests! Left to right, Danny Mwasandube of the Tanzania Development Trust, Mrs Liz Fennell of the Britain Tanzania Society, and Ms Lainy Malkani, Producer BBC Radio London.

Esupat, Sr Jean, Mwanaidi, Naha

"Girl Power": left to right, Esupat, Sr Jean Pruitt, founder of the Dogodogo Centre for Street Children Trust, HE Mwanaidi Maajar, Tanzanian High Commissioner to the UK, Naha.

Photos by Dorothee Giedroyc

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Dogodogo links literacy and citizenship for EAL students

IB Web Platform

A number of teachers have asked me to post the lesson plans for the unit of work I designed for use alongside Dogodogo with a class of Grade 10 EAL students at the International School of Tanganyika, Dar es Salaam. (These have been available for some time on the IB Community Theme web platform:, click on community theme for teachers.) 

The lessons address crucial development issues such as children’s rights, world poverty and the effects of HIV/Aids on family life, alongside step-by-step strategies for strengthening literacy skills at word, sentence and text level.

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